What is a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a single board computer. It costs less but performance is awesome. It was developed by Raspberry Pi Foundation in UK.

RPi is a basic computer which is mainly helpful to the tech lovers who make interesting projects. Robotic projects like Humanoid robot, line follower, security system etc can easily be developed with better performace power.

Raspberry Pi GPIO Specification

General Purpose Input / Output or simply GPIO Pins form the physical interface between the real world and the Raspberry Pi. GPIO pins allow us to connect Different external components  with Rpi. LED, Motor , Display etc can be connected to Rpi for making different interesting projects.

The figure represents the GPIO pins layout of the very latest revision of the Raspberry Pi series i.e. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. It has 40 GPIO Pins including two 5V pins (red), two 3.3v pins (blue), 8 GND (black). Rest of the pins are partially true GPIO pins & dual function pins. We will discuss about dual function pins later.

Each GPIO pin can deliver a maximum of 15mA current while the total sum of the output current cannot exceed 50 mA.


Raspberry Pi

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