Most of the tech lovers loves to work with raspberry Pi. It’s also a worth making and interesting thing for the beginners. If a portable display is added with it, it becomes more usable & interesting.

But setting up the 800*480 HDMI  5 inch display with Raspberry Pi first time shows some errors.

Most of the times Raspberry Pi 5 inch display shows white lines or does not cover the entire output screen. How to get rid of these problems??

I am going show the easiest way to solve the problems.

For these we have to complete the full setup and check the display output condition.

Step 1: Hardware setup

Firstly, connect the raspberry Pi with the display. Make sure setup is done in the right way.

The display is showing nothing. Its totally white.

Step2: Access & Edit the config.txt file from pc

  1. pop the microSD into the card reader & connect it to your laptop.

  1. Find the config.txt file in the boot image & click on it.
  2. Find the comment #Uncomment to force a specific HDMI Mode
  3. Add three additional lines bellow the comment

hdmi_cvt=800 480 60 6 0 0 0

Find the comment bellow:

Replace the Lines:

  1. Save the config.txt file and pop back the microSD into Rpi again.
  2. Power on your Rpi.


Now see it’s working …..

Enjoy working with Raspberry Pi. Thank you.

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