“SoftBox” the word without which a photographer or a videographer can not live. For keeping the best lighting condition softbox is must for them. Now we will  learn how to make DIY softbox in home in a low budget.


  • Card Board.
  • Foil Paper
  • Wooden sticks.
  • Screw
  • Super Glue
  • Glue Gun
  • 6 watt LED panel light.


  1. Cut the card board into 4 pieces according to the given dimension.

2. Wrap foil paper on one side of each  card Board and stick them with glue.

3. Now attach them together according to following step.

4. Now its time to attach LED ( i have used 6 watt flat LED) with the setup. For this we have to a cut cardboard  with (12cm*12cm)with inner hole of (8cm*8cm) and glue it to the setup.

5.  We have to make a stand for the setup. For this we have to cut three pieces of wood with 8cm dimension and other of 24cm.

6. Attach the wood block(24cm) with another 8cm block and glue them to a cardboard of 24cm*18cm dimension. The 24cm block is further attached with the other two 8cm blocks with a screw and glued to the main setup. Now, the SOFTBOX is ready and looks just like this.

7. We can  also use a mini tripod as a stand. For this, just glue the camera holder to the main setup.

I made two SOFTBOXes. Both has the common LED & other configurations. But one has wooden stand and another with a tripod.

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