Do you want to make a fun TV for your Kid ?? a tv that runs with a smart phone!!

“yes” today we will learn making a tv using cardboard.

Here, we will know how to make a smartphone fun TV with card board.. That”s very easy. All you need is,

  1. Card board
  2. vero board
  3. some glue sticks.

For this, You should have some basic knowledge on using glue gun & paper cutter.


 Card boards

Use paper cutter to cut card board which will be used to make the main body…. Cut a rectangular shape for the front part.


Now, make two shapes for the upper & lower parts of the TV as like below


Make a display window by putting your smart phone on the card board.

Make a smartphone casing

To maintain  perfect alignment & put the smart phone in the TV box we have to make a casing that will hold it.


Now glue it to the front part where we cut the display window.

Assemble the parts

Glue each parts and assemble them using glue gun.


After assembling all the parts our TV is ready primarily.. But it needs some beautification…

Let’s Beautify…

 Cut these cards and make sound panel.

Add some Buttons too….

Cut card board  like following and glue them to main body.

Your TV is ready now… Lets have fun….

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