DIY Cardboard projector

Want to make a projector for your smart phone in a cheap cost??  “Ok” this post is for you…

It will not even require  electricity or any sort of power.

We will learn how to make it using card board and just a magnifying glass.


  • Card board
  • Magnifying glass

How to make it:

Follow the steps below……

Step: 1

  • Cut the card board according to the dimensions…..


Step: 2

  • Now glue the card boards as shown below…..


  • Now we have to  attach magnifying glass with on the card board…. For this, make a hole of 3″ diameter. Break the handle of the the magnifying glass and glue it on the hole.

  • Glue this part with the main body… Now it will look like this…..


  • Now, we have to make a stand for the smart phone .. we will put it in the box… This stand can freely move between front and rear parts.



  • Make a cover for the projector which will prevent unnecessary light from going out. This cover should be movable. For this, use tape instead of glue to attach the cover to the projector. Do it to only one side of the cover.


Now your projector is ready to work … This is ready to make you feel like watching movies in cinema hall.



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